Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sweet Tooth

I usually prefer dark chocolate when jonesing for a sweet fix, but I have a soft spot for these vintage gumball machines. I've had two over the years - the first received from a sweet boyfriend who had a knack for giving the perfect gift. Unfortunately, a former alleycat I had adopted from the shelter was tearing through my tiny apartment one day and took a flying leap off the top of it. As it is not the sturdiest of objects, the machine tipped over, shattering the globe all over my kitchen floor. I was heartbroken and immediately started the search for another one. Although it wouldn't be the same, it would remind me of the sweet sentiments behind the first. Strangely enough, I was helping my ex-MIL go through her garage and I found this one in the corner. Not exactly the same, but similar enough. I was happy to get it and she was happy to gift it to someone who appreciated it. What strange things one will find in the forgotten corners of a garage.

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