Sunday, January 21, 2007

Catching up with the Dogcatcher

I spent the evening in LA last night, hanging out with Ciara and her posse. We went to a birthday party for someone I didn't know (always fun), but I ended up having a good time because everyone was just so darn nice. After the party, we went back to her apartment and just crashed... mostly because we are old.

The next morning, we got up early(ish) and had coffee and just talked as old friends are able to do. When our rumbling tummies finally got the better of us, she took me to this amazing deli that pretty much makes the best food I have ever tasted. As we pulled into a parking space, I realized I had parked next to my hero:

I couldn't resist taking a few pictures - at one point catching the attention of one of the waitstaff, out on a break. He revealed that the car belonged to one of the cooks and that it always got attention. I don't know how many people have whipped out their cameras though.

(For those of you curious about my interest - besides the obvious - I am an avid collector of "Homies". This is a spin-off of the original Homies series called "The Dogpound."

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