Friday, January 19, 2007

Picture of the day: Tiptoe

Usually anything I shoot during the week is done at night. With factors like a long commute, long days at work, an upcoming busy school schedule three days a week, and an ability to stay up late over waking up early, it's nearly impossible to use natural light in any of my weekday pictures. It makes for creative lighting situations when trying to achieve my daily picture challenge. I tend to use a fast lens, a high ISO (which increases the grain, but sometimes that is okay), and turn on as many lights as possible. It also means that I shoot alot in my bathroom and dining room as they are the brightest rooms in the house. I received a very nice flash for Christmas and am learning to use that. But sometimes, when it's really late, I'd rather use the tried and true techniques over trying to experiment with something new.

I'd also like to try and work on being a little more conceptual. One of the qualities of a successful photographer is being able to see things in a way that others don't. I'm not a really conceptual person - intuitively - but I think I have just enough in me to develop it. I guess I have a few more pictures this year to try that out.

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