Wednesday, May 18, 2005

20 questions...

My buddy, SQ, originally sent this out as a bulletin on myspace, but I figured it was interesting, so what the heck. Takes me off the hook as far as posting for today...

1. What does your myspace quote mean? (Speeding through books like bullets through butter!)
That I have a reading "problem." I used to get in trouble for reading when I was supposed to be doing other things, like cleaning my room.
Mom: "Deann! Are you reading again?"
Deann: "Uhhh.. no?"
Mom: "Is your room clean yet? Don't make me tell your father about this! It's too quiet - I can't hear you moving around!"
Since I moved out of my parent's house, my mom isn't around to give me grief about it... but my BF daughter doesn't cut me any slack. She's nicknamed me BW - "Bookworm."

2. Elaborate on your primary photo?

The Roch

A painting by Lynden Saint Victor, whom I saw at this years art fest in Little Italy. The characters are all based on little known or made up saints. This one seems to be the patron saint of dogs. I love dogs. No, not like that.

3. Who introduced myspace to you?
My good buddy, SQ. She actually forced it on me. I was enjoying Friendster at the time. Needless to say, that went by the wayside.

4. How many friends do you have?
A few really close ones and a lot of people I can call to have a happy hour or go to a concert.

5. What's your current status?
Completely enamored... in love with my sweetheart.

6. What are you wearing right now?
Ooh La la! Black skirt with white flower-y embroidery, white peasant blouse, scads of jangly bracelets, black high heels, silver jingly hoop earrings.

7. What is life to you?
A definite adventure. For better or worse, a choose your own adventure.

8. What are you doing now?
Mostly looking forward to a concert with SQ. Slightly missing going home tonight and being domestic with the fam. (Disgusting, I know. For Dog's sake, don't tell anybody!)

9. What do you hate most?
Insincerity, a blase attitude, narrow-mindedness, being stood up, the fact that all my favorite junk foods are so heart-stoppingly calorie laden.

10. What do you love most?
The boy who makes my world go 'round... feeling creatively inspired, good music, clever conversation, getting new clothes from the clearance rack and finding that they fit perfectly.

11. What makes you happy?
Hmm.. see above. Oh, and coke with ice.

12. Are you musically inclined?
I can carry a tune well.... or so I've been told.

13. What would you do if you woke up one morning and found that the person you love most doesn't exist?
I'd be pretty upset and feel lost, although I know life would go on. Everyone has had their share of bad break-ups, so I know we have all gotten a taste of what that is like. But if it were someone other than my S/O? Like my mom (whose undying affection I take for granted on a regualr basis)? Whew! I don't even want to consider that one... Inconceivable!

14. If you could go back in time, and change something, what would it be?
I always said that I would go back to my freshman year of college and find out what would have happened if I hadn't broken up with my high school sweetheart. But, my life now is full and my heart is content. Maybe all things happen for a reason... I guess my second regret would be dropping out of school or getting into debt. It's a toss-up.

15. If you MUST be an animal for ONE day, what will you be?
A fish... I love the water.

16. Ever had a near death experience?
Yep. After three of them, the only thing they seemed to prove is that I am invincible. That or I have an extremely harried guardian angel. I mean, if you believe that kind of thing.

17. Name ONE obvious quality you have.
Let's see... Nice eyes? Too obvious? Umm... I can talk to pretty much anyone.

18. What's the name of the song that's stuck in your head right now?
Somebody told me,
You had a boyfriend,
Who looked like a girlfriend,
That I had in February of last year....
haha... now it's probably stuck in your head too.

19. Are you happy today?
Yep.. but I'm usually happy.

20. Who will cut and paste this?
Don't know. I hope a few others do though... it's fun to find out new things about people who read up on you...

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Baby Steps

So my good friend SQ is all gung-ho about this whole diet/exercise/new way of life/looking good in skinny jeans kind of phase in her life right now and I guess I kind of caught the bug. Instead of my usual, "Hey, I'll start tomorrow morning..." I am actually trying to start now. As in, 5 minutes from now is not soon enough.

So, I started researching foods again - trying to put the most natural, wholesome things in my body. Like for breakfast, I had oatmeal, organic yogurt, raspberries and strawberries. The only thing that would have made it better was if the berries had come from the Farmer's Market instead of the grocery store. Most mornings I skip breakfast or I slurp on a heavy, sugary, carmel-y coffee until I'm both jittery from the caffeine and tired from the crash of the sugar rush. The past two mornings, breakfast has been like eating spoonfuls of summertime. Haha.. yes, that sounds corny, but there's something about the summer months that make me want to be outside (before it gets too warm) and eating fresh foods and drinking pure, undiluted liquids. Can anyone else relate?

I have yet to try and tackle the exercise thing, since next on the agenda is skipping fast food for dinner and cooking my meals (maybe even without the microwave!) On the menu for tonight? Tentatively, lettuce wraps and brown rice. It doesn't sound too difficult, I know, but it's all about baby steps, people....

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

An anniversary

Today marks an anniversary of sorts. A whole year has gone by since the day you came over to my desk, introduced yourself and asked me to lunch. You had seen me walking around the campus, discman in hand, listening to music and enjoying my lunch breaks. Once or twice, you teased me, making some comment as to what I might be listening to. I smiled, but didn't know who you were. You talked to a friend of mine, cloaking your inquisition in benign curiosity so as not to reveal your true intentions. And then you approached me on the pretense of having a work assignment nearby. I was prepared for more teasing, but you formally introduced yourself, sparing me the smart-aleck comments and instead, included your name and your age in our conversation. I expressed surprise at your age, several years over my own, but found you attractive and charming and when you invited me to lunch, I hesitated only a moment before accepting. Our lunch went well and a couple days later, we had dinner. We spent the evening talking and walking around San Diego. I was impressed you knew the names of the different plants I pointed out. I told you it was a game I used to play with my dad, to identify as many different kinds as we could. We ended our evening with a kiss that thrilled me. Over the next few days, I thought about you often and on our next date, I felt the same "connectedness" that I had experienced before. I felt so comfortable with you. I thought about the lists I had made in my head over the years - qualities my ideal man would possess. You had so many of them. I never thought it would be possible to find a man who would appeal to both my logical and creative sides as you do. When it was time for the evening to end that night, I asked you to stay. It was unlike me to make such a request, but it was an impulse I felt compelled to give in to. The shocked expression on my friend's face the next morning (as she picked me up for coffee and met us on the back stairs of my apartment, trying to sneak you out without being seen) told me we would have an uphill battle as our relationship became known to our friends and family. They would all have well-meaning advice: "She's too young," "He's too old," "He already has children," "You live an hour apart," "You're not yourself when you're around him." On and on they would come, unsolicited. And yet, here we are. Still together, still going strong. Still not listening to them....

Puerto Nuevo - 2005

Friday, May 06, 2005

Yo soy una Mexicana... sort of

I've always had a penchant for the exotic - my tastes tend to lean more toward those things different and foreign from me. I love the bright colors of the Indian saris & textiles. I am enamored of Greek architecture. I love the formal rituals of the Japanese meals. One of my favorite movie scenes is found in "Fools Rush In, " where Matthew Perry comes home to find his previously neutrally decorated home transformed into a colorful homage to hispanic culture (by Salma Hayek, no less).

Maybe this affection for all things bright and beautiful comes from my mixed heritage. My father is Mexican, although raised in the US. His father, hell-bent on American-izing his children and assimilating into their neighborhood, refused to let them speak Spanish in the home. His knowledge of the language remained neglected until his children were born. He taught my brothers and me the alphabet, the names of body parts ("Where's your ojos?") and short phrases. He was still able to understand conversational Spanish, but most of the time, responded in English. My mother is blend of English, German and other predominantly white, Anglo, European countries. She speaks no Spanish (although she is a great cocinera thanks to my dad).

Because of my looks (and because I live close to the Mexico/California border) I am frequently asked about my heritage. When I admit I am of latin descent, the question inevitably arises, "Habla Espanol?" Quickly followed by, "Well, why not??"

It's not that I don't want to - in fact, I was fascinated by the language and took several classes in high school and college. Only recently though, have I conjured up the cajones to try and converse in this foreign tongue. I have always wanted to be a part of this... to feel like I belong to this culture. Instead, I have always felt like the "gringa" or "guera"... the outsider. On forms where you fill in the bubble next to your ethnicity, I fill in Latino/Chicano. (Sorry, Mom.) I listen to the Mexican radio stations (Spanish Rock, natch) even though I don't understand 3/4 of the lyrics. I long for customs & traditions, stories of old pueblas and the old ways of my bisabuela and her family. Will I ever feel like I fit in that world? Why is this particular desire so strong?

Monday, May 02, 2005

How was YOUR weekend?

The weekend was good... how's that for broad, general and vague??

I had Friday off, so I started my weekend on Thursday night... always a good thing. Except for Mike's dinner with the X thing... not always so good. But, whatever - I wasn't going to let that get me down. I decided to shush the little negative voices in my head and head out for drinks. I first hit the TGIFriday's with some friends (it's near work) and had a couple beers. Next, was a tour of E's new place - HOLY COW IT IS A POKER PALACE. Very cool - 3 levels with the bottom level being a giant rec room. I am definitely envisioning some swingin' summer parties there. Well, not swingin' like THAT. Aaand, if anyone needs to crash at his place due to copious amounts of ever-flowing alcohol being imbibed, there is a queen sized bed in the middle of the living room. (Maybe they WILL be swingin' like THAT.) After my mouth hanging open for 15 minutes or so, my tonsils were starting to dry out, so I made my departure and headed over to Little Italy to meet Myspace Maya. We decided on the Princess Pub as it was central to eateries, drinkeries and parkeries, the latter in which to place our cars. Our initial meeting lasted a good 1/2 hour or so until the rumblings in her stomach forced her and her date into looking for a higher class of food (one can only find fish & chips delectable for so long). I think it went well and I am looking forward to meeting up for Casbah concerts, picture taking, and produce poking in the near future.

Friday was a pleasant departure from the norm. Although it's nice to have an off Friday every other week, it's easy to push all those "chores" and appointments onto that day. This week, we had nothing we absolutely had to do. Mike is working on getting his pilot's license and I went with him to his meeting with his instructor. Since he's almost done with his lessons, the teacher is pretty much just getting him ready for his "check ride" - or check list of maneuvers for his flying test. Since he's so close to being ready, Mike asked if I could tag along. Ten minutes later, I found myself on the aiport tarmac, climbing into a plane smaller than most sedans. (Yeah, let's all get airborne in a Ford Taurus with wings!) Actually, it was really cool and I don't have a fear of flying or being in small planes. Also, lucky for me, Mike had an excellent day and the wind was so smooth... very little (if any) turbulence. The exciting part was when they practiced "stalls." The instructor has to test a pilot's knowledge in every area, including emergency, break-down kind of situations. So mid-air, this nutjob tells Mike to cut the power to the engine. And Mike does it. Hello??? Anyone besides me see anything wrong with this picture??? Luckily, everything worked out (otherwise, it would be interesting to see how I am typing this blog) and we made it back down to the ground all in one piece. The coolest part about the whole experience? There was a lot of blue sky, but also a lot of big fluffy clouds. It was a spectacular sight to be up amongst these clouds - so serene. When I wasn't enjoying this heavenly view, I was kicking myself for forgetting my camera in the car.

After flying was over, we headed to the mall and exchanged some birthday clothes for Mike. I was so nervous buying him clothes for his birthday... and my fears were well founded. I hate buying clothes for people. As he opened his gifts, he seemed happy to get them, but not necessarily pleased with the new duds. Oh well... I guess you live and learn. So, we exchanged pocketed shirts for pocketless shirts and a guayabera for a Hawaiin shirt. He was a lot more excited this time. Then, he treated me to a mini-spree at Vicky's Secret and we rounded out the trip by noshing on teriyaki chicken. MMM... chicken...

Friday night I was supposed to meet up with a bunch of friends at the Bitter End. I was a little tired and the thought of making the trip downtown was a little daunting, but what the heck, right? So I got all dolled up, put on my red shoes, red lips, and my new push up bra and was good to go. I got to the bar, expecting an entourage of familiar faces to be lining up and buying me drinks... alack! alas! the only ones who didn't flake were me, P and M. M is P's best friend so P was our middle ground. Although, P is a lightweight and was half passed out by 11:00, so M and I (as in me) got to be pretty chummy. Got it? Good. Anyway, as we were waiting, the other girls went out for a smoke break and I stayed on the dance floor, sipping my beer, watching people and kind of shuffling my feet to the tunes. This trio of girls started dancing next to me and kept bumping my elbow. Rude, but whatever. It happens on a crowded dance floor. Then I realize one of the girls keeps trying to catch my eye. When I look at her, she smiles. Hmm.. rather friendly. Then one of the other girls bends down to wipe up a spilled drink with a bar rag and starts feeling up my leg. Whoa, there! I have no problem with the occasional pinch hitting for the other team, but this was leering, lecherous behavior usually reserved for old men and their mid-life crises. It was about this time that I turned down the girls by trying to flee the scene lest they take me in some drunken orgy. (Sorry guys -missed opportunity, I know.) Luckily, M an P decided they wanted to get out of there and we headed over to the W. I called the guys, wondering where everybody was and was told they all flaked, essentially. After a short stint at the W, we cabbed it to Shakespeare's where some friends were just closing their tab. I then spent the last of my cocktail money on yet another cab (it's cool, though - the cabbie & I discussed our favorite Shakespeare plays all the way to my car) and we then car-pooled ourselves to the aforementioned POKER PALACE. We drank beer, played darts and then headed home around 1:30. (P & I thought there were some vibes between E & M. We're trying to play Matchmaker here... I'll let you know what happens...) I got home around 2:30 to find my sweetie waiting up for me... awww...

I know this is getting a bit winded, so I'll try and wrap this up. They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so here is our epic journey to the Wild Animal Park, in a photo-journalistic style:

Me, on the way to the park

Now Marisa, on the way to the park

Meerkat, already at the park

Wyatt didn't want to hold the bird.. thought he would get pooped on

Cool yellow plant

Avant-garde, blurry parrot picture

Okay.. that was my weekend... Over & Out!