Tuesday, May 10, 2005

An anniversary

Today marks an anniversary of sorts. A whole year has gone by since the day you came over to my desk, introduced yourself and asked me to lunch. You had seen me walking around the campus, discman in hand, listening to music and enjoying my lunch breaks. Once or twice, you teased me, making some comment as to what I might be listening to. I smiled, but didn't know who you were. You talked to a friend of mine, cloaking your inquisition in benign curiosity so as not to reveal your true intentions. And then you approached me on the pretense of having a work assignment nearby. I was prepared for more teasing, but you formally introduced yourself, sparing me the smart-aleck comments and instead, included your name and your age in our conversation. I expressed surprise at your age, several years over my own, but found you attractive and charming and when you invited me to lunch, I hesitated only a moment before accepting. Our lunch went well and a couple days later, we had dinner. We spent the evening talking and walking around San Diego. I was impressed you knew the names of the different plants I pointed out. I told you it was a game I used to play with my dad, to identify as many different kinds as we could. We ended our evening with a kiss that thrilled me. Over the next few days, I thought about you often and on our next date, I felt the same "connectedness" that I had experienced before. I felt so comfortable with you. I thought about the lists I had made in my head over the years - qualities my ideal man would possess. You had so many of them. I never thought it would be possible to find a man who would appeal to both my logical and creative sides as you do. When it was time for the evening to end that night, I asked you to stay. It was unlike me to make such a request, but it was an impulse I felt compelled to give in to. The shocked expression on my friend's face the next morning (as she picked me up for coffee and met us on the back stairs of my apartment, trying to sneak you out without being seen) told me we would have an uphill battle as our relationship became known to our friends and family. They would all have well-meaning advice: "She's too young," "He's too old," "He already has children," "You live an hour apart," "You're not yourself when you're around him." On and on they would come, unsolicited. And yet, here we are. Still together, still going strong. Still not listening to them....

Puerto Nuevo - 2005

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