Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Trying something a little different...

I'm taking a break from this blog to try out a new format. You can find me here.

I love the way bigfolio displays the photos. And since this is becoming a mostly photo blog... well, I figured it would be worth the investigation.

Stop on by!

Monday, August 13, 2007

I love:

Photos of Ferris wheels, Old cameras, Lots of color,
Old music, New music, Soft textiles, Experience,
Rain, Thunderstorms, Grapefruit perfume, House parties,
The ocean, Big cities, History, Herstory,
Old Victorian houses, Small Houses,
A little weathered house, Small children,
Animals, The desert at sunrise, Road trips, Mix tapes,
The thought of owning an artist’s loft,
The thought of owning a farm,
Books, Interior design, A greener shade of blue,
Openness, Haircuts, Well-groomed eyebrows,
Honing my craft, Hardwood floors, Saltillo Tile,
Memories, Strong coffee, Cultural differences,
Pottery, Microbrews, Hook & Ladder Gewurtztaminer,
Confidence, Down comforters, Spring, Fall,
Photography, Spare time, The internet,
Connectivity, Bare feet, Ferns, Overcast mornings,
Peeling paint, Cheesecake, Farmers markets,
The Pacific Northwest, Dreams, Wine labels,
Wisdom, Girls’ night out, Solitude, A room of my own,
Magazines, Change, Light, Airports, Making a difference,
Small businesses, Foreign Languages, Opportunity,

Sunday, August 12, 2007

And Baby Makes Three

I haven't posted in a bit... for all you know, I'm still somewhere in the wilds of Wyoming... or Colorado. (I think that's where I left off, anyway.) Well, I'm definitely back home and hope to soon catch up on posting. I've been busy reconnecting with old friends and shooting lots of photos, so I definitely have lots of fun stuff going on right now.

First up is a session I was really excited to do. I asked a few friends last spring if they would be interested in helping me build my portfolio. Thom and his wife, Jen, wrote back and said they were interested, but I'd have to wait. You see, they found out Jen was pregnant with their first child and is due in early September. Being that they wrote me in early spring, I knew it would be hard to wait so many months.

Besides being all-around cool people, I've known Thom since my high school days. He used to run in the same crowd as me and knew a lot of the same people. We lost touch after high school until the wonders of MySpace put us back in touch. It's been really great getting to know him and Jenn again and ended up spending the first half of the shoot reminiscing about the "old days."
I had so much fun in this session - Thom and Jenn are so at ease in front of the camera and their sweet affection is so genuine. I only hope I am able to translate some of that into photos! So, without further ado, here's a sneak peak at some of the photos from the Hofman session...

And because everyone has a favorite taco shop... (At least in SoCal)

Thanks again for the hospitality guys - dinner was fantastic!