Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Early Morning

When I lived in San Diego, I used to wake up at 6:30, leave the house around 7:10, and most mornings, arrive at work around 7:30. I grumbled that I wasn't one of the lucky ones who could just walk or bicycle to work. Ugh - the 10 minutes of traffic on the 163N!

In the past two years I've lived in Temecula, not a day has gone by when I haven't missed that 20 minute commute. These days, getting up at 6:00, leaving by 7:00, and arriving to work at 8:00 consist of a good morning. Bad days mean I won't get to work until 9:00 or so. Ugh.

I've been inspired by some of the early morning pictures posted on Flickr. While I don't have enough time to actually post anything in the AM, when I have a few spare minutes (and am feeling inspired) I can put the early morning light to use. It give my pictures a whole different tone.

Or maybe it's just because I'm still half asleep.

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