Friday, January 19, 2007

The Rainbow Scarf Project

A couple Christmas' ago, I asked for a scarf. I hate when wind or rain gets under my coat collar and runs down my neck. I get chilled and uncomfortable and I have to go around all day looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame sporting the Elvis Collar. Not my favorite look.

So I asked for the scarf thinking it would be someone's easy slam-dunk kind of Christmas present. I specified that I wanted something bold, and bright and with an assortment of stripes. What I had in mind was a rainbow scarf, but I kinda thought that was going overboard with the specs. I figured I would leave it to the gift-giver to pick one out that they really liked.

I didn't get my scarf that year. Instead I got a book on how to knit and another one on how to crochet. Maybe that was a hint to get off my butt and find my own damn scarf.

The next year I made the same request and got exactly what I had envisioned. A beautiful rainbow stripey scarf that is super soft and keeps my neck warm and chill-free. It's awesome and I wear it everywhere.

After the umpteenth time of getting ready for work in the morning, slinging my scarf around my neck and checking the mirror for one last look before I left (making sure I had no cheerios in my teeth or bats in the belfry, if you know what I mean) I admired my scarf. I thought about what an eye-catching prop it would be in a portrait. And voila! The scarf project was born. I played around with it and took a few test shots the first time around. After posting them and getting positive feedback (thanks Rick!) I decided to make it official. Here are a couple I like from tonight's session:

These are my favorites, but I have a couple more. Here's the link to the rest of the set. It'll be an on-going project, at least until the summer when it gets to hot. Feel free to check back for updates.

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