Thursday, February 01, 2007


It's getting late. I have so much to do.. things that pop into my head throughout the day, waiting only until I am done with the daily grind and can head home to be on my own time. And what happens? I am right back on the computer, working on pictures. Tonight I set up a mini photo-session, inspired by some of the SP's by my flickr contacts. Not the same as theirs, but a little different... and I'm okay with that. If you guys could see some of the ways I jerry-rig to get my camera to point and focus where it's supposed to... This one is propped up on the corner of my frog tank, precariously perched on the very edge so the lens can still auto-focus. {sigh} The things we do for our art. Since I was laying on my bed in the picture, I started thinking about bed-related things to talk about. Well, besides the obvious anyway... I googled the word, "lullaby" and one of the results that came back was the song, "Lullaby" by Billy Joel.

Anyone who knows me, or at least has driven with me, knows how much I like to sing. Out loud. I was in choir in high school and really enjoyed it. I learned how to sight-read music a little bit, but other than that it was a great way to make friends with a bunch of fairly open-minded kids. A rarity in adolescence for sure. But it takes guts to get on-stage and sing a song... I think we all had more self-confidence than we were supposed to at that age. Besides the choir thing, I have been a big "Piano Man" fan since day 1. My mom had every one of his tapes and while in the car, we would listen to them instead of the radio. Since my dad was over-saturated with his music by this time, it was really the only chance she got to immerse herself in something she loved. Luckily, my brothers and I enjoyed it as well. The lyrics to nearly every one of his songs are deeply embedded in my brain and probably always will be there. Like this "Lullaby" song.

The thing is, while I sing for myself, I rarely sing to anyone else. I did it a long time ago - including this one song - but it's never really felt the same since.

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