Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sunday Hijinks in Old Town, San Diego

A week or so ago I had implored my friend, Devlynn, and her boyfriend, Chris, to let me use them as guinea pigs for my portfolio. Besides being able to showcase a wider range of people besides my immediate family, I want to learn how to better interface with people I am not related to. I want to be more comfortable in directing a shoot and learning how to relax people in front of a camera. I also would like to break out of traditional poses and use more non-traditional approaches to protrait photography. One of my biggest influences is "The Image is Found." They are so successful at making every session they have seem so fresh and full of new creative ideas.

Anyway, as I made my way down from Temecula to Old Town, San Diego, I started feeling a little uneasy. The sunshine filled skies of Riverside County turned ominously dark and grey the further south I drove. Couple that with pretty strong winds and a 4:00pm meet-up time and I was starting to get worried that we would have enough light and fair weather to even do this at all. Luckily, the skies held and the light was nice and diffused, if not a little grey. Devlynn & Chris were a pleasure to work with and were completely willing to try out my ideas, no matter how silly they seemed.

Thanks, guys!

To see the entire slideshow, click here!

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kate said...

i think you did a great job!