Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday, Monday... {la la la da da da}

I got ready for work this morning in the middle of a downpour - the kind not usually seen by southern california folk who are accustomed to living in the land of never-ending sunshine. Throughout my morning routine I heard the steady drip drop of the rain outside my window (left open a sliver so I could hear and smell all the stormy goodness!) and the white noise that is the water wooshing through the gutters and into the storm drains. I love when it rains - the scent, the sound, the sense of renewal that it brings. I love it more when it rains and I get to stay home.

Today is not one of those days.

Since I stayed out late the night before (note to self: next time you are invited out on a Sunday evening, remember how much you don't like partying on a 'school night'.) I stopped at the Starbucks to get the requisite cup of help-me-through-this-hellish-too-early-monday-morning with an extra shot of espresso. As I pulled up to the window to pay for my beverage (yes, I drove through... it was raining, remember??) the window opens and my favorite barista hands me my coffee, saying, "This one's on us." Puzzled, I tried again to give her the money. She shook her head and said, "Coffee gets expensive... we're helping your budget." Who knew you could get financial advice and a latte at the same place? Besides giving me free coffee and a welcome smile, this girl is my favorite barista because she has a quick wit and remembers not only what I order, but what I say. At this point (I'm a fairly frequent customer) she remembers jokes we've made, that neither of us like too-sweet coffee, and that I'm lamenting the ages it will take to bring back the pumpkin spice latte (on hiatus until next fall). She's friendly and nice and so genuine... I look forward to seeing her in the mornings. This morning, as I drove off to sit in the rain and traffic, I reflected about this girl and how if I ever win the lottery? I would totally give her a check for a cool million. Probably put into a little Starbucks giftcard envelope and passed through the drive-through window.

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