Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Imagination will Solve what Intellect Cannot

"Imagination will solve what intellect cannot. So those flights of fancy you take this afternoon? Well, they're more lucrative and productive than any number of errands you could run." - the horoscope for Cancer on 2/7/07, according to the Union Tribune.

Though I had planned on a turkey sandwich at Influx after dropping Mike off at the airport, the call of
Krakatoa, it's 3 Fingered Jack and the tastiest red potato salad around was too tempting to resist. Why do I always make the excuse to spend a little extra time in Golden Hills? There are plenty of nice little hole-in-the-wall cafes in San Diego - why do I always make my beeline to places like Krakatoa or Influx for lunch and dinner when I am in the downtown area?

It's because, when I'm in Golden Hills, I feel like I'm returning home after an absence way too long. Despite some of the hardships surrounding my brief residency in the neighborhood, for a brief year, I felt like myself.
Golden Hills is a throwback to an era somewhere in the 1920's with it's mix of ornate and stately Victorians and boxy Spanish casitas. It's coffee shops where lingering over your Iced Vietnamese and Powerbook (or newspaper for you Luddites) is overlooked, if not encouraged. It's Mexican markets that sell exotic produce, liquor stores where the proprietor calls you "Sweetie", and divey bars that don't start jumpin' until way after 10:00pm. The people here are young: DINKS, college kids, new graduates, newlyweds, and those who are struggling with the transition from carefree youth to the inevitable responsibility of family and suburbia. They are liberal, independent, artistic and think they can change the world. Thier wardrobes are thrifted, handmade, altered, and swapped. They prefer not to drive, as skateboarding, walking, and bicycling are preferred methods of transportation. They knit on the bus and buy organic foods. They are hipsters, punk rockers, rockabilly-ers... anything but mainstream. English vies with Spanish as the most predominant language spoken in the area. The girl who works at the best taco shop around smiles when you come in, affectionately calling you "Guera."

I love the diversity of Golden Hills and it's proximity to everywhere I need to go. And now that I am *officially* apartment hunting, it's not surprise that it's the first place I'm looking.
(Since I've been day-dreaming all day about finding the perfect place, maybe my horoscope is onto something here....)

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