Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's a small world after all

Now that the song is permanently seared into your brain right now, I have been reflecting on how small the internet world really is. I run into more people that I "know" on-line than in the grocery store near my house. Like today, I checked on the Tara Whitney blog (I'm waiting for her to get her photo website up - I've become a bit obsessive on everybody's unique designs for their on-line homes) and while reading the comments to her latest post, I see this girl. (Her husband is someone who I was friends with in high school.) I tend to read her blog as well. This morning, I posted a big, long, honkin' entry (with pics) and this girl left me a comment. I thought it was very cool considering I had already bookmarked her site as a photographer who's work I admired. I'm constantly running into people who visit the same blogs I do - dooce, for instance. (But she's so popular so it's not too unheard of.) This person is someone I read on a regular basis before she joined myspace (where I have a blog). I still read her posts but she now reads mine as well. And in a case where virtual reality and real reality intermingle, I heard a few days ago that this fellow, one of my photographer idols, is speaking in the Inland Empire tonight, about 30 minutes away from where I live.

It's like seeing all my friends at the virtual neighborhood 7-11.

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