Monday, July 02, 2007

Luna luna lunita lunera

I'm a bit behind. You see, when I shoot a lot at one time, I tend to prioritize only by which ones are needed first... or which ones I'll get in trouble over if I procrastinate on. It's not a very good system and my personal pictures suffer as well as the ones for my friends when we're goofing off. How odd is it that the photographer of the group is the worst when it comes to "developing" the pictures of the latest get-together? {sigh} Blame it on my sign, my lack of organization, genetics... it is what it is. However, since I haven't shot much as of late (been working on the latest website update) my procrastination means that I still have something new to share. :)

That something new is the newest addition to my extended family - in a word, I'm a brand-new fairy dogmother to Luna, the new frenchie pup of one of my best friends. In May I took a trip up to see her and got to spend a couple of days documenting one of the worlds cutest dogs:

Stuck behind the baby gate & not very happy about it

How can you not help but pick her up and give a little squeeze?

Mom! You crack me up with your funny faces!

Love the loose lip....

As much of a profile as you get with a smashed-in nose

We even got some family shots in:

C'mon guys! Get a room!

If I give you the puppy eyes, will you let me in?

The fabulous Luna! Performing in a town near you!

I think this one is my fave. I love the colors and her expression.

Sit Luna!


Frenchie butt:

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

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