Friday, July 27, 2007

DB's Big Adventure - Day 3

Or "The day the Gods smiled upon me, got me back to Civilization and gave me a Starbucks."

Day 3 dawned shiny and new, mostly because there was a Starbucks within walking distance of our motel. Mike swears Marisa and I can sniff out a Starbucks from 50 miles away. I just know how wonderful it is to have coffee-flavored caffeine flowing through my veins. On long trips, some people count license plates... I find Starbucks.

No, no! Thank YOU!

We rolled into the Estes Park YMCA around 3:30pm. The last time I stayed in a camp like this was in 6th grade, so it all felt like alternate universe. In addition to rooms with bunk beds and a cafeteria and baskets with single servings of bug spray, there were all kinds of camp activities. Remember arts & crafts? Making picture frames from popsicle sticks? Learning how to read a compass? Identifying poison oak and poison ivy so at least you knew which one you had rolled in before being sent to the camp nurse? It was exactly like that.

Since we were here for a family reunion, the first night at the Y we had reserved a fire pit for a family campfire. Since I'm a newbie and didn't really know anyone, I became self-designated photographer. No one really seemed to mind.

This baby won't learn to walk until he's about 5, with all the people vying to hold him

His forehead got hot while roasting the "mallows"

There were actually a lot of people at the campfire, but after I got done chasing the kids around, it was pretty dark and I didn't want to scare these nice people off with my monster flash after I had just met them. I figured I would save that for the next day.

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katie said...

Coming back from a wedding last month in the smack-dab center of GPS said I was 30 miles away from the nearest Starbucks. I was floored! No Cinammon Dolce Latte's within site?! I understand your addiction. =)