Tuesday, July 24, 2007

DB's Big Adventure

Otherwise known as "Making it to Utah and not being struck down by lightning on my first night there."

We left Temecula on Saturday morning... errr, afternoon, about 4 hours later than we had planned. Since none of us had packed until that morning, we were destined to be stressed out and running around like crazy, throwing things into suitcases all willy-nilly. It's just how I roll, y'know? Anyway, we only had to go back to the house for forgotten items on 3 separate occasions. Not bad, the way I see it.

Commercial-free tunes for the road

Keeping myself occupied (and distracted from motion-sickness)

The first day spent on the road was a doozy. We tooled up the 15N, through Barstow, gassing up in Vegas, and then on to Utah, where we were going to stay with my my ultra-conservative Mormon brother. I wonder what his neighbors thought of his harboring of us heathens?

Speaking of heathens, a picture of a church in Vegas

Mountainous Utah

We made it up to my brother's house around 9:30pm - tired, hot and dusty. He didn't seem to mind much.

My niece and SIL - very unconcerned at the prospect of providing refuge to the dangerous heathens

I had a few other pictures of the scrub brush and (lack of) scenery along the highway in Vegas and it's surrounding areas, but it's not much to see. No really, trust me on this one...

To Be Continued....

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