Friday, June 22, 2007

Something to warm the cold cockles of your heart (part II)

The first day of my brothers visit, we just hung out. The kids played, the adults gabbed and caught up and I took a bazillion pictures between the two. Also in attendance was my grandmother who was able to fly down from Portland on a day's notice. Huzzah!

I always enjoy a full house. At my own home, I like a bit of peace and quiet every now and then and get irritable when I don't get that time to myself. But on family occasions - birthdays, holidays, barbecues - I adopt "the more the merrier" approach. It reminds me of growing up with my brothers and all their friends - always someone to talk to or play with. It's the way holidays are supposed to be.

Anyway, on the last day the baby was blessed and since both extended families were together, we got a chance to take some formal shots. I'll spare you most of those, but damn! Babies are cute.

I absolutely love this one! It reminds me that kids all have their own personalities and when they're done - they're done!



My mom has a way with all kids - they all gravitate to her - and her own grandkids are no exception. I only hope I'll be as good a mom to my kids as she's been to me and my brothers. It looks like Jackson already knows this about her.

Maternal Grandmother

Love this one too - it's better bigger.

Can you believe she's a quarter Mexican?

My favorite shot of Jackson.

I've never photographed newborns before, but I've been wanting to for a while. I didn't have any fancy backdrops or anything, so we laid my brother's black suit jacket on the couch. We're so McGyver.

Hope you've enjoyed being a part of the most recent family affair!

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