Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Getting acclimated, but hopefully not losing my edge.

I assisted on my third wedding last weekend. On a side note, I was also in the doghouse as Father's Day was Sunday and so was the wedding and I have tragically not figured out how to be in two places at once. Nor have I realized I should definitely check the calendar before I commit to things.

So, back to the wedding. For the second time, the wedding was located at Ponte Winery. While the winery's grounds are beautiful and I would be happy just to hang out at such an attractive spot, their "intimate" reception room is a barrel room. Not just a clever name, mind you. It's a room with high ceilings and three out of four walls lined top to bottom with giant wine barrels. The entry way on the fourth wall is a massive door - a fancy, heavy wood affair that is reminiscent of something in a medieval castle. I open the door and find myself disappointed that there is no moat.

The room itself is nice, but with all the barrels and lack of windows - it's downright dark in there. Keep in mind that when getting your picture taken, the best kind of light is natural light. Artificial light - aka flash - is the worst kind of light. Ugghh. What's worse is that I really have no idea what I'm doing with it.

But, besides that drawback, the wedding was very nice. Once again, the couple was happy, in love, and very laidback - making my job very easy indeed. Since I'm the backup photographer, I usually have a little more leeway in regards to my subject matter. This particular wedding featured a few kids that definitely stole the show. Enjoy the photos!

To appease the Shoe Gods, of course

Can the light here get any more heavenly??

Love this one - is very "Secret Garden-ish" to me

I love all the motion in this one!

I know these are a little more conventional than the last wedding shots I posted. Don't think I'm going soft on you, now. Just trying to keep you on your toes.

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