Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sarah, Gene & Noe

A couple months back, my Fabulous Ultra-cool hairdresser Sarah inquired how my photography was going. I told her it was great and gave her my website address so she could see for herself how things were going. A couple days later she called me and told me she thought the photos were fabulous and would I be interested in trading haircuts for a session with her family? How do I respond to a trade like that? With a resounding, "Hell, YES!" of course.

Busy schedules pushed the session date back a bit, but we finally met up in Balboa Park last weekend. Sarah's little family is so gorgeous - how could the pictures be anything but? Noe was a blast - a real fireball who refused to sit still. Oh, he's also a Jedi in training, although his favorite is Darth Vader. His parents kept telling him my big lens was Darth Vader's eye so he would look at the camera. Worked every time....

I have so many favorites from this session, but here is a glimpse:

Can you tell I loved this session? There was no way I could limit myself to posting just one or two.

If you'd like to see the rest of the set, you can go here.


kate said...

wow - love these shots!!!

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