Friday, July 15, 2005

Too busy to Blog

It's summertime and everyone is either too busy - or too bored - to blog. Even the very word, "B-L-O-G" just sounds kind of blah, doesn't it? Like it's been sitting out in the sun too long and started to melt.

Anyway, my birthday was fun. Even the DMV wasn't too bad - I mean, as good as standing in line at the DMV can get. I parked the car in the lot and walked over to the main door, optimistically telling myself that I will be in and out of here in a matter of mere minutes! and completely ignoring the line of bored people that spilled out the door, poured onto the sidewalk, and clung to the side of the building. As soon as I recognized the line for what it was, I sighed dejectedly and shuffled my way to the back. It's always interesting - the people you meet at the DMV. Everybody's gotta be there at one time or another - it's one of those few similarities that unite our melting pot society here in the US of A - a singular hatred of the DMV. That and waiting until the last minute to register or renew our driving related issues. So, as I waited in line, I passed the time by unabashedly checking out the various people waiting in line. First, I tried to covertly observe the passionate couple making out behind me. Before I actually saw them, all I heard were the wet, sucking sounds of people loudly and enthusiasticly kissing. (Romantic, isn't it?) When I didn't hear them stop and come up for air, I figured I could at least turn around and sneak a peek at the romantic tonsil-hockey rendevous. I think that was about the time they paused their smoochfest and both turned to stare me down as they caught me looking at them. After that, I kept my eyes firmly facing forward and tried to guess if the Middle Eastern lads ahead of me were actually speaking a real language or just something the two of them made up.

Once inside the actual building, it was relatively empty of people. I felt like I was in one of those clubs that have no one inside, but keep the long line of people waiting outside just to keep up the appearance of being THE place to be. I don't think the DMV can get away with that kind of behavior... unless, maybe they installed a disco ball or something. Yeah, right next to the screen that announces which number is being called next...

I read the paper while I waited and before I could finish the entire comics (the bastard who was reading the paper first TOTALLY hogged that page), my number was called. I was afraid I was going to have to do the vision test and take a written test to renew my license, but I guess they just wanted my money. Oh, and I had to take a new picture, but since my last one was so bad, let's just say I'm not heartbroken by that fact. All in all, I was done in about an hour and on my way to start the actual celebrating of my birthday.

I walked along one of the main drags through Hillcrest, treating myself to lunch in the process, to kill some time while waiting for some friends to show up at the
designated bar. (It's hip! It's cool! It's blue!) A cute girl walking an equally cute terrier mix strolled past me and I couldn't help but think she looked vaguely familiar. When I rapidly scrolled through all the useless bits of trivia in my head, I pinpointed her as one of my internet friends - those mysterious people you talk to online, but have never actually met face to face. Being that I am one of those face to face kind of people, I took off at a jog, trotting after this lady and her dog. Luckily, they stopped at the crosswalk on the corner and I had my opportunity to accost her introduce myself.

(Walking beside her) "Hi! Are you on
Myspace?" (God, am I smooth??)
(Her, walking a little faster) "Yeah....." (Open-ended response clearly indicated that she thought I was crazy.)
(Me, jogging now, trying to keep up) "Did you just adopt your dog?" (How was I supposed to know these are all used as pickup lines?)
(Her, obviously trying to get away from me) "Yeah...."
(Wait, is she slowing down?) "I think you're one of my myspace friends."

She finally slowed down, believing that I wasn't some kind of deranged killer or at least, not a killer. We chatted for a few seconds and she let me pet her dog, Cooper, who is even cuter in real life than on-line. All in all, the intro was rocky, but the meeting was a success.

Finally, back at the bar, I sipped a mojito while waiting for my friends. I scored a perfect spot with a table in the window, so I was able to people watch for the half hour or so before people got there. Thanks to Cheryl, Nowell, Nicole, and Devlynn (who staggered in carrying a bouquet of sunflowers bigger than her!) for stopping by, having a drink, staying to chat and catch up, and celebrate my day. I was worried that I was going to feel a little alone/despondent/left out/whatever since Mike was out of town, but you guys cheered me up and left me thinking, "Mike? Who's Mike?"

That's all for now - got a bit long-winded on this one.
Over & Out!

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