Thursday, July 21, 2005

Feel-Good Story of the Day

So, here is a little tale that has it all: Tragic Loss, a Harrowing Journey and a Miraculous Discovery at the end makes this the feel-good story of the year!

When Mike came home from HI the other night, he was smart enough to come bearing gifts - several of them in fact. Sarongs, a shell necklace/bracelet set, gold earrings and a pretty gold bracelet. The bracelet and earrings are compliments of Turtle Beach and as such bear the emblem of their namesake. Okay, so that was what? 2 days ago? (Did I ever tell you that I lost the bracelet he bought me in Greece? The only thing I can think of is that we were wrestling on the beach one day - both dove after a football - and I think the clasp broke. Consequently, it has never been seen again. Important to the story.)

So, these earrings, while not necessarily my style (if he ever picks up an engagement ring for me, I am so telling him to talk to my girlfriends first) are in no way, shape or form on par with the Magic Mountain Necklace of Cartoony Doom. They are cute - small and quality. But they are the jangly kind - like the kind my friend lost at Ms. Kitty's in LA with the little Christmas Tree hook type post. Unfortunately, Hawaiians do not feel the need to include the little rubber pieces that make them stay put in one's ear but I wanted to wear them today with my bracelet. So, throwing all voices of caution to the wind (like I usually do) I wore them anyway.

I checked on them once or twice (still there!) and then forgot about them, those friendly little squatters in my earlobes. But, after lunch, I thought about them again and WOE UNTO ME! one of them had been hijacked! Or eloped with my sunglasses (which are still! missing!). I spent 30 minutes, walking the floors of my building. Retracing all my steps. Posting flyers of "REWARD! LOST EARRING! ANSWERS TO THE NAME OF SPARKY!" In the midst of all this, the thoughts kept rushing into my head, "He picked these out for you. He's sentimental. He's going to be upset. That's the 2nd piece of jewelry you've lost. You've only had these earrings 2 days! You'll never get anything nice from him again!" I lovingly laid the remaining earring in a safe place - the cup console in the car. It looked so bereft - sad and alone without it's perfect match.

I decided to retrace my steps further. Although I had only been out of the building once during the day, I figured it was worth a try. The odds were against me, but no attempt was too great. In my grief, I was afraid I would miss it or that someone else stepped on it, picked it up, or put it in their nose. That I would be too late. I started bracing myself for the realization that I would never see it again. Suddenly, on a quick detour through the cafeteria, I saw a shiny yellow glint on the floor! There, he was! My beloved earring of the Island! Still whole, still precious, and although the chances of it being stepped on were high, it is undamaged. Disaster averted!

I went back to my desk and cut up a pencil eraser. Then headed to my car and reunited the pair. Theirs was a joyous reunion. I put them in my lobes, securely in place with the homemade eraser backings.

Safe and Sound.

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