Friday, April 07, 2006

The camera... she is sick

Its been raining for the past two days. None of this sprinkling nonsense, but real, delicious, torrential downpours. Except for the 30-60 minutes it adds to my morning commute, I love it.

I took pictures this past weekend as I went on a neighborhood stroll. Mike and I leashed up the dog and walked over to the Home Depot a couple blocks away. The sun was out and the temperature was just right and the weather even made this grumpy girl smile. I took about 60 pictures - some of the dog, prancing in his poodle way, some of the flowers in front of the Garden Center while waiting for Mike. Some of the plum trees that dot our Temeculean sidewalks (and are as close to cherry blossoms as I get but you know what they still look like spring to me). I was really pleased with the compositions and excited to return home and start the camera downloading. Unfortunately, once home, I did not have a charged battery. So, had to wait until the next day. I started it before work and when I came home, I was eager to see the fruits of my labor. And that's when I realized my camera has a calibration issue.

I shot everything in manual mode with the white balance set to sunny. The meter was right on before I snapped each picture and I didn't foresee any problems. But when I opened the folder and looked at each one, they were all so dark... a lot of color noise, big grain {sigh}. What a bummer. I might try and salvage one or two, but after consulting the Magic 8 Ball - "Outlook is bleak."

So, the camera is sick. Taking it to the shop this weekend where it will hopefully be a quick, and easy (and cheap!) fix. Then maybe I can start taking pictures that dont go straight to my "round file".

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