Thursday, September 29, 2005


Remember when I used to be fun and have a life??  (A few of you would make some snarky comment that it was before I moved to T-mec, but I'm choosing to ignore the sarcasm here... You know who you are.)  Anyway, all that ended about the time I started school.  Sure I still go to the occasional happy hour or downtown beerfest, but more often than not, I'm saying, "No, I have class tonight." Or, "I gotta do homework."  Something along those lines.  When my friends used to try and pull that with me when I wanted to go out, I used to laugh it off and drag them out anyway.  Here's karma coming around, I guess.  The things I do in excess nowadays are: Drive, Do Homework, and Drink Coffee.  (That last one is so I can keep doing the other two.)

As much as I complain though, things are going well.  The classes are going well - keeping me busy - but I'm also learning new things.  I'm trying to incorporate some of the stuff I'm picking up in school into my new web page (you can click on the above picture for the link).  I took quite a bit of time with it and am pretty proud of the overall effect.  I'm sure in a couple months I'll think it's shi-ite, but whatever.  I kind of look at it as living room furniture - it always needs to be rearranged every few weeks.

Besides that, not much going on (aka. I really have no other kind of life anymore).  Going to see The Corpse Bride with Mike and the kids this weekend.  I've been dying to see it since last spring when I first heard another Tim Burton stop animation film was in the works.  I can't believe I've had to wait 3 weeks after its release date to see it!  (And yes, I really am 27 years old...)

Been taking pictures like crazy again.  Anyone who wants an informal (FREE!) portrait session, feel free to look me up.  I'll give you a set of prints and you'll help me get more experience.  Sound fair?

Okay, tummy's rumbling - time for lunch. 

Later, gators!

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