Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tales of a Suburban House-frau

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So very tired this morning.... so very tired every morning, seems like. Spent all weekend at a soccer tournament - 5 games in all on Sunday and Saturday. I know Marisa is the one (who played) who should be most tired, but she's on summer vacay and has no job. No rest for the weary, I tell ya!

Also, since I am such a night owl (hoot! hoot!) I tend to be exhausted in the mornings and then forget how tired I was by around 5:00 or so in the evening. Which means that I picked up working on my quilt project last night around 10:00, took a break and went with Mike to walk the dogs, came back to the house around 11:15 and said I had only 10 more minutes... then got caught up in it again and didn't stop until 12:30 or so. He tried to blame me for keeping him up, but I pointed out that I didn't chain him to the couch in front of the tv and force him to watch 8 Legged Freaks, now did I? What was my fault was going up to bed and then persuading him to join me in a little ill-timed hanky panky. Later, Indie apparently wanted in on the action since he decided to wait for Mike to fall asleep before tearing into the room and up onto the bed - making a slumbering Mike part of his personal Indy 500 (Indie's 500?). That or playing freeze tag by jumping up, sinking his claws into his side and then running away. Tag! You're it! Gotcha with my sharp claws! 'Round 2:00, after much cursing and threatening of bodily harm of aforementioned ill-mannered feline, I finally drifted off to sleep, only to be awoke (awoken? awaked? woke up?) by the alarm a mere 4 hours later... at least he let me sleep in.

This morning, I dragged my sleep-sodden body out of bed, got ready for work, slipping on a button-up shirt and a pair of jeans. That's office attire, right? I knitted on the way to the office while Mike navigated our way through the usual mess of traffic. We've been listening to the DaVinci Code on tape - one of Mike's coworkers let him borrow it. I was against it at first, being that the only other book on tape I slept to, I mean listened to, was when he was interested in hearing a George Washington biography. Snooooze! This one isn't so bad though. Not as good as reading the book myself, but on the upside, at least I don't get carsick.

So now I'm at work... previously mentioned button up shirt keeps popping open at the top button, making me an unwitting sexpot at the least appropriate times. Couldn't endure a 9 hour day on my dulled senses alone, so I ran out and got a supersized coffee, full of carmelly (and extra caffeineted (sp?) espresso-y) goodness. Was going to round out that breakfast of champions with something that resembled meat, cheese, egg and heart attack on a bun (can I get hash browns with that?) but was tired of driving and settled for a slice of pumpkin bread instead. Huzzah!

So, that's my morning. At least I still had a parking spot when I got back from the coffee shop. It's the little things that I look forward to in my day...

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