Monday, August 13, 2007

I love:

Photos of Ferris wheels, Old cameras, Lots of color,
Old music, New music, Soft textiles, Experience,
Rain, Thunderstorms, Grapefruit perfume, House parties,
The ocean, Big cities, History, Herstory,
Old Victorian houses, Small Houses,
A little weathered house, Small children,
Animals, The desert at sunrise, Road trips, Mix tapes,
The thought of owning an artist’s loft,
The thought of owning a farm,
Books, Interior design, A greener shade of blue,
Openness, Haircuts, Well-groomed eyebrows,
Honing my craft, Hardwood floors, Saltillo Tile,
Memories, Strong coffee, Cultural differences,
Pottery, Microbrews, Hook & Ladder Gewurtztaminer,
Confidence, Down comforters, Spring, Fall,
Photography, Spare time, The internet,
Connectivity, Bare feet, Ferns, Overcast mornings,
Peeling paint, Cheesecake, Farmers markets,
The Pacific Northwest, Dreams, Wine labels,
Wisdom, Girls’ night out, Solitude, A room of my own,
Magazines, Change, Light, Airports, Making a difference,
Small businesses, Foreign Languages, Opportunity,

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adam v said...

this photo is rad.